Best in the business!

Carolyn has been in the property management and real estate industry for more years than I can remember. She managed several rental properties for us several years ago. Being out of town owners we were not in a position to manage them ourselves and were very pleased with the service she provided. We no longer own properties in the DFW area but if we did she would be our go to person.


Carolyn is hardworking, kind, and responsive!

Carolyn is hardworking, kind, and responsive! This is our second rental with her as our property manager. She was able to find us a tenant when other corporate companies couldn’t, which speaks to her many years of experience and savvy in the rental market. Thanks, Carolyn!


Gold standard!

As an investor who lives out of state, I feel very lucky that Carolyn Matthews has managed my properties in some way for the past 13 years.

Carolyn Matthews is the second property manager I hired because the first one left my property in such a disgusting, gross condition that I couldn’t stand it.

So many questions and worries can drive a property owner from out of state crazy, especially a first-timer like me. Carolyn Matthews has not only taken care of these worries, but she has also gone out of her way to hold people’s hands, give them advice, and make what could be a scary endeavor a pleasant one. Carolyn has, in my mind, set the gold standard for any property management company in the country. She doesn’t just take a cut of your monthly payments to keep in touch with you at a bare minimum. Even though she’d say she’s busy, she still answers every phone call and email on time, whether you have one unit (which is how I started) or twenty.

Howard Lee, Southern California

Honorable agent!

We just wanted to truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your assistance in helping us find our home.

Thank you for being an honorable agent and making this process so smooth. When the time comes we look forward to working with you again.

Saskia and Lesley Elgin
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